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1. Removed support for javapos printing. Printing now is done via registered OS printer.
2. Added support for gratuity when paying using card.
3. Fix report printing of manager functions (Drawer pull report/Server tips report).
4. Tips is now printed on receipt.
5. Added a button to manually print to kitchen. From home screen, kitchen print can be done by selecting a ticket and then press PRINT TO KITCHEN.
6. All printing are done using jasper reports, no javapos printing.

Changes in version 1.1

1. Make user id unique.
2. Removed user type selection from login screen.
3. Small change in Switchboard look.
4. Disable print ticket when Finish is clicked in order screen.
5. Fixed Sales summary report
6. Fixed Sales Analysis report
7. Fixed Menu Usage Report
8. Fixed Server Productivity Report
9. Fixed Journal Report

Version 1.4

1. Added support to use MySQL database. Database configuration dialog now shows a drop down of
database chooses from which user can select the database to use. Currently only MySQL and
Derby is supported.
2. Added "Create Database Schema" button in Database configuration dialog. This button
creates necessary databse schema and populate initial values.
3. Added "Save" button in Database configuration dialog, to save current configuration, without using "Test Connection".
4. Faster database connection.
5. Previously, it was not possible to switch database without restarting the application.
This is now fixed. User can switch database any time from login screen by configuring database.

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